A Letter from K-81, The Mental Ward in MDC Brooklyn

Dearest Chani,

What do you think about Bananas? Do monkeys have special knowledge about bananas that we as humans don't? If you think about it, monkeys throw temper tantrums when they don't get their bananas. They, the monkeys, peel them (the bananas) with great dexterity (skill). They, the monkeys, eat them (the bananas) by the dozen.

Bananas are sweet, tart, better when ripe, but not too ripe. They are green, then yellow, then black-ish when no longer edible. They are soft, sometimes large, sometimes, small-ish. They grow in bunches on trees appropriately called banana trees. They grow in jungle like climates. Dole seems to put their stickers on a lot of bananas. Back to the real subject of this letter, bananas.

Today I was presented with a box of bananas at dinner. Carry as many away as you want was the modus operandi. I walked away with seven. Four are already gone, peeled, eaten by me, yours truly. The remaining three are sitting in a bowl on my little desk. Right in front of me! To keep a nice fruit bowl going, there is a small-ish red apple in the bowl too. But I digress again. Back to bananas.

As I write you this important letter about Bananas (note: I have elevated the word to using a capital letter at its beginning...you should consider how Important capitalizing the first letter can be...Banana...looks much better than... banana). If you looked back at the first sentence of this letter, I had previously elevated the word "Bananas" with the proverbial first letter "B" being capitalized. Ah ha! I think of everything...it is the Bananas improving my memory, my brain, my processing power!

Bananas may be bringing me to a whole new level of realizations, of enlightenment, of mental growth.
Bananas write about themselves.

But, I should remind you of my youth. My mum gave me a banana every day when I came home from grade school. It was always perfectly ripe, not overdone. It was always in great shape, never beat up. It was always sweet, never bitter, never green.

So, I think Bananas are the greatest. Bananas remind me of how much my mother loved me. I miss her.